Vertex knows that smaller organizations want the same capabilities as larger organizations...

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For mid-size organizations serving 100 - 400 people with disabilities, we offer powerful software that includes: client payroll....
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We know that, as a large provider of human services, you have to focus on multiple competing objectives. Not only...
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Welcome to Vertex Systems

Vertex provides easy-to-use software solutions for organizations that serve people with disabilities. Our integrated systems help eliminate redundancy, reduce errors, and foster compliance by providing staff the right tools to do their jobs.

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Introduction to

Vertex Systems

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Our Technology

We think of technology as tools we use to provide a better user experience.

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Featured Clients


Capture time and piece counts directly from the floor with Intuition's Touch interface.


Our software implementation service experts will help you quickly and efficiently deploy your Vertex Systems solution, while reducing risk and managing the impact to your operations environment.

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We provide training to enable our customers to experience a smooth and successful implementation of their solution, improve performance and productivity in the workplace, for maximum, strategic business value.

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Technical Support

Support Services

We offer a range of technical services to provide assistance with our social services technology applications and how they work with your internal system.

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Ongoing Support

Beyond technical support, our professional services staff will be able to help with software patches, updates, service releases, upgrades and integration will any new Vertex Systems’ applications you add.

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