Work with People – Not Paperwork

Ask any DSP:  the most rewarding aspect of their job is working with people – not performing hours of manual data entry or carting around a 10-foot stack of paperwork while out in the field.  While documentation is a very important part of the job, every minute spent jotting down notes with pen-and-paper is a minute not spent working with a client.

Case management software can help put a stop to the loose paperwork game as well as reduce the amount of documentation errors – after all, we’re only human and sometimes even the best of us make mistakes when having to juggle a potpourri of paperwork and client data in heavy 3-ring binders.

If you’re looking into getting case management software for your agency, here are a few benefits that you should keep an eye out for:

-          It should improve communication across all levels of your organization.

-          More authorized services should be able to be delivered.

-          It should be customizable for when your agency grows and changes.

-          It should ensure that service plans are met and billed.

-          It should also empower all users to collaboratively work in a more efficient mannerism.

Ultimately, case management software should support the mission statement of your agency. By delivering more authorized services, you’re better able to make an immediate and beneficial impact upon the lives of individuals.

Intuition by Vertex was created specifically for rehabilitation agencies. It features a robust case management software platform that’s in the cloud. This means the end of lugging reams paperwork out into the fields. A simple tablet can be used by the DSP’s to document - and that information will be securely transmitted to the main office for processing. Communication between DSP’s and the main office is facilitated through the software platform as well.

No more post-it notes.

No more data entry errors.

No more lost paperwork.

One agency started using Intuition and they reported that their time entry processes were reduced by almost 40%.   Think of how much more work can be accomplished once the software takes over the paperwork that was once performed by DSP’s and office staff.

If you’re looking into case management software, give me a call (614) 318-7100 to schedule a free demo.


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