Staying Afloat in Turbulent Waters

As funding for Medicaid comes under increased scrutiny, some political experts are predicting drastic changes as the year progresses.  Will the next round of Medicaid cuts negatively affect your agency or how you’re able to provide quality services to individuals?

In this turbulent political climate, any rehabilitation agency wishing to ride out the proverbial storm will need to take a serious look at how they do things.  The changes that agencies make will allow them to meet any challenges and an uncertain future head on.

Taking a good hard look at staff utilization and increasing top-line revenue by delivering more authorized services is no longer optional – if Medicaid cuts are in the proverbial tea leaves, then it’s imperative any agency wishing to stay afloat will need to start capturing and billing for more authorized services that are delivered.

What if you could know precisely where your agency stood before the end of the month? You and your DSP’s would have invaluable insight into which authorized services need to be delivered and put a stop to services being provided (and in some cases billed) that aren’t authorized.

Intuition by Vertex will allow your agency to have this critical insight and much more. It will allow you and your office staff to become more efficient without changing how you work.  Intuition is highly intuitive software specifically made for rehabilitation agencies.  It will mold around your procedures and processes and help you capture and bill for more authorized services.

Intuition is offered as a cloud-based solution – which means no expensive servers, or in-house IT staff. It’s entirely HIPAA compliant and adheres to all of the safety and security protocols.  By taking advantage of the cloud-based solution, your DSP’s will no longer have to cart around heavy 3-ring binders into the field. All they’ll need is a tablet or laptop, and instead of spending valuable time logging data and making case notes by hand, they’ll be able to focus on delivering more authorized services.

If you’d like to learn more, give me a call at (866) 981-2600 to schedule a quick 30-minute demo of how Intuition by Vertex can help your agency.

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