Smaller Organizations

Easy-to-use, affordable, and expandable software solutions for smaller rehabilitation agencies

For agencies serving fewer than 100 clients with disabilities, we offer integrated, easy-to-use software solutions for your client payroll, case management, Medicaid billing, and attendance tracking needs. Many smaller organizations want the capabilities of larger organizations, but lack the financial resources.  Vertex has a solution for smaller organizations.

We understand you are focused on providing quality services for your clients as well as providing a productive work environment for your team. We also know how important it is for you to manage your finances responsibly, as well as make a favorable impression on all of your referral sources.  

Vertex has packaged implementations, training, and ongoing support that get you up and running in the shortest amount of time.  With Vertex, you don't have to be a large organization to get the same benefits.  

Each application is flexible, efficient, and scalable. Our systems, designed for rehabilitation agencies, result in time and cost reductions.  You can purchase in a modular format, or all at once in the complete enterprise package designed for providers of your size.  

Client Payroll Manager with Intuition Vocational Time

Is your staff still using paper time sheets or Excel spreadsheets for client payroll? We can reduce your paperwork load, make it easy to collect time records, pay the correct wage and rate, track productivity, bill for services, project job cost, and process payroll — all while helping you maintain DOL compliance.

Intuition Case Management with Intuition Service Documentation

Overwhelmed with the paper trail of evaluations, demographics, service plans, and case notes? We can automate your case file and streamline your entire record keeping process in one unified, easy-to-manage system.

Intuition Service Billing

Our fee-for-service electronic billing module allows you maximize billing to Medicaid, Waiver billing and other payers for the services you provide.

Vertex Systems’ powerful products scale as your organization grows to help with total agency management. We offer a comprehensive financial accounting package designed specifically for organizations of your size or, we can interface to QuickBooks, Sage and others.

Accurate.  Intuitive.  Convenient.


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