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We partner with your organization to ensure you get the most from your Vertex solutions. We are completely dedicated to providing superior customer service.  We fully understand that users will have widely-varying computer skills, and we always take the time to ensure each user completely understands what’s happened and how to move forward.

Our vast product expertise can help your social services agency quickly resolve the most complex software-related problems to keep operations functioning efficiently.  Once a system is fully operational, it is essential that you can rely on fast and continuous support to maximize your productivity. We offer live assistance from experts, with no limit on the number of issues raised.

Our professional team views every interaction as an opportunity to delight our customers.  Our goal is to ensure you can maximize your investment in your technology solution so your staff can spend more time doing what they do best – helping your clients.

For technical help, please e-mail or call using the information below:


Ph: 614-318-7100

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