Is it Possible to Increase Utilization Rates?

In this day and age, more agencies than ever before are looking for better ways to increase their utilization rates. 

 ·        What if the DSP’s had foreknowledge every morning of which authorized services to provide in order to maximize the amount of services that can be delivered to each client?

·        What if the DSP’s had visualization on all services delivered vs. budgeted?

·        What if the admin time to process could be reduced by at least 25%?

 When it comes to under-utilization, one of the biggest time sinks are inefficient processes that are run by inadequate software or tools.  The time it takes to process billing to funding sources requires excess admin time that could be better spent somewhere else.  

As it now stands, very few DSP’s are empowered to take action that could result in more authorized services being delivered.  Thus the status quo remains the same – which isn’t a good thing in times when funding sources are under more scrutiny.

 The good news is that an effective fix won’t require an expensive consultant to come in and teach new business management theories.  Your agency can continue to work the way you have been and still be able to increase your utilization rates.  All that’s needed is software that is specifically designed to eliminate manually intensive processes, process service billing in 2/3rds less time, and provide accurate information that is accurate at the point of service.

Time savings of up to 50% - 90%

Imagine what your office staff and DSP’s could do with time savings of up to 50% - 90%.

Imagine how good it would be if DSP’s could deliver more authorized services.

 How could this work?

 What if the DSP is given a tablet and a digital template that has accurate, pre-filled information on it. The template would contain relevant data for the service  session, it would record exemptions, as well as give the DSP the ability to automatically sign.

 Once it’s approved, a claim would instantly be created and ready for review.

 After a batch of claims are approved, they are sent out automatically by the software – no need for human intervention.

 On the payment date, electronic cash receipts will be automatically applied to the A/R sub-ledger while the G/L is updated.

 Simple as that.

 Intuition by Vertex can do all this and then some – reducing admin time spent, avoiding staff errors that result from having to touch the same paper or document five times, and ultimately running the office more efficiently which directly translates into more authorized services being delivered to clients.

 If you’d like to learn more about how Intuition by Vertex can do all this and more, give me a call at (866) 981-2600 or send me an email.


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