Intuition Touch for Vocational and Day Programs

Streamline capturing vocational time in your organization

Vertex Systems’ Intuition Vocational Time offers an effective way to eliminate paper time sheets. With Intuition's Touch Interface, you can easily capture time and piece counts directly from the floor straight from a mobile device.

Individual or groups can be easily clocked in and out. Through Intuition’s graphical interface you can track consumers, jobs, clients and work-center progress. In addition, our "manage-by-exception" graphical indicators quickly highlight where information is missing, overlapping, or inconsistent. You can quickly close out the day and have everything updated in real-time so you can be ready for the next day.

Intuition Vocational Time will eliminate or reduce

  • Duplicate paperwork

  • Separate service and time records

  • Data transfer from paper to electronic entry

  • Time spent tracking job progress assignments

  • Time spent closing out the day

  • Rejections and correction of time assignments

How does Intuition Vocational Time actually produce these benefits? 

Our solution establishes a direct relationship between services and billing activities by using a single system. Intuition Service Billing reduces errors in communication and time wasted on reporting- while giving you more control and greater transparency in your billing process.

Accurate.  Intuitive.  Convenient.

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