Intuition Technology Overview

Vertex Systems Intuition is designed to be a web-based product offering.  As a result, it can be accessed through web-browser on the PC, tablet, or device that you are using to access the system.   Vertex supports current versions of browsers from all the major companies including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Highly graphical and intuitive user interface

Intuition Touch TM enables the software to look and behave like a tablet “App”. Users can simply tap or swipe images on the tablet screen.  It’s just that easy.

Highly secured back-end technologies

Intuition is backed by Microsoft’s highly secure and scalable web technologies. Vertex developers utilize Microsoft SQL Server, .Net Technologies, and Microsoft Workflow Foundation to support the application. In addition, if you select our Vertex Hosted environment, we utilize Microsoft's web servers. Microsoft servers are HIPAA secure, monitored, and available 24x7.

Available On-Premise or Hosted

Vertex Systems offers a completely secure and highly reliable hosted services offering for any company looking to access their systems on the Internet.

For organizations that do not desire Internet access, the Vertex Intuition System can run inside of your secured network and firewalls. Your IT department would be responsible for securing your network and firewalls.  At Vertex Systems you have the choice.

Accurate.  Intuitive.  Convenient.

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