Intuition Service Documentation

Intuition Service Documention provides your staff with an efficient tool for documentation case management documentation. Using a desktop or mobile device, you can enter and view case notes, client programs, record service delivery, and track progress- all while on the workshop floor.  

Service Documentation is a completely integrated solution.  Data is only entered once and automatically flows to all systems and modules affected.  This includes service billing, case records, and client payroll when applicable.

Who can benefit from Intuition Service Documentation?

  • Agencies seeking an alternative to the redundant record keeping processes.

  • Agencies seeking to reduce time spent on documention of services.

  • Agencies that are not billing 100% of all services authorized.

  • Those wanting to audit-proof billing for services.

Intuition Service Documentation enables front line staff to produce accurate documentation and assist service providers in creating valid service, time, pieces and documentation records.

Benefits of Intuition Service Documentation

  • Elimination of duplicate efforts

  • Reduced documentation time

  • Automatic routing of case notes for review and approval

  • Increased accuracy, efficiency, and compliance

  • Maximized delivery of authorized services

  • Lower operating costs

  • Available on a tablet in our Intuition TouchTM Interface or any browser-based PC in a traditional web-based interface

Accurate.  Intuitive.  Convenient.


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