If DSP’s Could Change a Few Things...

What would they change to make their work lives more rewarding and fulfilling?

DSP’s differ from the average “corporate office worker” in that they come into work every day to help make a difference in the lives of others – whereas the average corporate office worker comes in every day to climb the corporate ladder.

DSP’s are the selfless, unsung heroes of rehab agencies who get up every morning with the intention of helping someone else improve the quality of their lives.  However, there are a few things that DSP’s would change if they could change:

1.      Mountains of Paperwork

Scott Millerhas described the mountains of paperwork having to be filled out on a regular basis  as “feeding the bureaucratic beast.”  Everything that needs to be documented must be done on paper. This not only opens up room for human error (due to the manual nature of having to write down every single thing), but it also is a time-and-soul-sucking experience. DSP’s would rather be working with clients than writing novels of paperwork.

2.      Thankless Job

Excitelists “social worker” as the #3 thankless job in America.  Long hours and sometimes stressful working conditions can lead even the most hardened social worker to feel that they’re undervalued. Especially when they freely give of themselves and go above and beyond in helping make a difference in the lives of others.

3.      State-to-state Standards

Suppose a DSP got tired of living in the humid climate of Florida and wanted to move to the dry Arizona climate.  The requirements for a DSP to work in Arizona could vary widely from those in Florida.  It then becomes a real pain to have to jump through all the hoops to get re-certified in Arizona in a reasonable period of time.

4.      Pay Levels Not Equal to Stress Levels

U.S. Newsput out a report that stated that Social Workers are one of the most underpaid jobs out there. Social Workers are some of the strongest people out there and are the literal unsung super heroes of any agency.

5.      No Communication

Forbes Magazinelisted “lack of communication” as one of the top 10 reasons for poor office morale. Fortunately, this can be remedied by a once-a-week 10-minute meeting where everyone in the office (including DSP’s) gets air concerns or grievances. It’s also a great time for everyone to show thanks to the DSP’s for the great job they’re doing!

If your DSP’s are constantly being buried under a mountain of paperwork, give me a callto schedule a 30-minute demo of our software. Intuition by Vertex can help alleviate the paperwork burden as well as prevent costly human errors when performing documentation. 

Instead of carrying large 3-ring binders out into the field, DSP’s can perform documentation via an internet-connected tablet or laptop which will then enable them to focus on working with clients instead of dealing with paperwork.


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