How Rehab Agency Software Can Help DSP’s

DSP’s are the unsung heroes that selflessly give their time and energy to help better the lives of others. If you ask most DSP’s, they’ll probably mention that one of their bigger pet peeves is having to manually perform data entry and documentation. That’s time needlessly taken away from delivering authorized services to clients.

Having to document everything by hand is time-consuming and can increase the risk of data entry errors.  After all, we’re only human, and mistakes can and are made from time to time.

What if DSP’s had a way to quickly document and log case notes without having to write everything down by hand and lug heavy 3-ring binders out into the field?

Let’s take a look at two DSP’s:  The first one is doing things the way they’ve always been done – by hand. The second one is using an internet-connected tablet running case management software that’s specifically designed for agencies.

DSP #1 – He’s currently sitting in the main office, performing manual data entry from the case notes he took by hand earlier in the day.  He realizes that the notes he made aren’t as good as he thought they were.  He thinks to himself: “What services did I deliver from 10 am to 12noon today?” He logged four services, but in reality, he only performed three authorized services. He got confused with a service that he intended to deliver but ran out of time.

This is where the most significant risk of being audited and fined can occur.  DSP #1 had best intentions, but due to a very hectic morning and afternoon, he simply got confused and logged a service that he did not deliver.

DSP #2 – She’s out in the field today with a client.  She just finished delivering the four authorized services and is about to wrap things up.  Before she leaves, she pulls out her internet-connected tablet and logs her notes and what services were delivered.  That information is wirelessly and securely transmitted to the HIPAA-compliant cloud where the main office can begin the billing process.

It takes her just a few minutes to complete the work and instead of having to go back into the office early to perform data entry, she’s now off to visit another client to deliver another two authorized services. 

If she forgot to enter any pertinent information, the software would prompt her.  This significantly lowers the risk of being fined when audited.  The software knows what the regulatory agencies require to be in compliance and makes sure the end user enters the right information.

Mobile Computing for Rehabilitation Agencies

Mobile computing offers such benefits as increasing productivity, reducing admin cost and helping agencies lower their risk of being fined due to data entry errors. If you’d like to learn more about how Intuition by Vertex can help your agency, give me a call at (866) 981-2600 or schedule a quick demo.

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