How ERP Software Can Benefit Your Agency

Rehab agencies and the processes that run them are a lot more complicated than they were just 30 short years ago. More energy and efforts are having to be directed to record admin time tracking, reconciliation, as well as ensuring that compliance is maintained for an ever-increasing number of regulatory and federal programs.

When it comes to keeping an agency running smoothly, paper recordkeeping or the utilization of software that isn’t specifically designed for agencies can lead to bottlenecks and human errors that add up over time. Having to shuffle paperwork from desk to desk or post-it notes with confidential patient data can lead to lost records, errors, or the inability to successfully pass an audit.

By utilizing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that is specifically designed for agencies, you’ll be able to avoid the common pitfalls and headaches that most agencies take for granted.  It will help eliminate the human error factor which can lead to massive fines when working with HIPAA-sensitive information.

Intuition by Vertex ERP software is specifically designed to help agencies run more efficiently and avoid the costly “human error” factor. We understand the needs and challenges of rehabilitation agencies. This is why we designed our software to seamlessly wrap around the way your agency works – not the other way around.

With Intuition by Vertex your agency will be able to take advantage of several benefits:

User-friendly interface – DSP’s and office staff won’t need a degree in computer engineering to be able to use our software. This is because it’s built upon the Microsoft NAV platform – which gives a familiar Windows-esque operating environment that anyone can use. Do your office staff and DSP’s have a home computer that runs on Windows? If so, they will have no problem hitting the ground running with Intuition.

All-in-One-  Throwaway your complicated Excel spreadsheets and antiquated computer software – Vertex ERP software comes with everything you need:

·        Supply Chain Management (Sales, invoicing, a/r, a/p, and purchasing)

·        Financial management (G/L, fixed assets)

·        Robust inventory management (Item maintenance)

·        Payroll and HR

If you’re in the market for a viable ERP solution that will increase efficiency and solve multiple problems at once, give me a call at (866) 981-2600 to schedule a free 30 minute demonstration.

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