A Case for Mobile Computing in Agencies

Last week we talked about office staff and DSP’s and whether or not they could easily make the transition from spreadsheets to software designed to help your agency run more efficiently.

Long gone are the days of having to memorize a new computer language or complicated codes in order to work with computers. Software that is designed specifically for agencies runs on the Microsoft platform – and provides a Windows-like environment to work in. This means your DSP’s and office staff can literally hit the ground running when the software is installed.

Mobile Computing – Delivering More Authorized Services to Clients

Mobile computing is a natural extension of agency software. It allows DSP’s and other office staff to work in the field instead of being tethered to an office computer.

But why mobile computing? What benefits or advantages does it have over the tried-and-true 3-ring binder and spreadsheet method?

Let’s look at two DSP’s, one who has lugged her 3-ring binder out into the field and another one who brought a tablet or laptop into the field.

More Efficiency and Greater Accuracy

DSP #1 is having to log her case notes by hand. Documenting becomes an exercise in redundancy as the same information must be entered several different times – all the way up to the billing level.  This means that there are 3-4 opportunities for typos or errors to be made because everything is being done by hand. This opens up another opportunity to be fined for the errors that may have occurred but aren’t caught until an audit is performed.

DSP #1 is spending a lot of time taking case notes and jotting down information on paper. As her 8-hour work day progresses, there’s only so many authorized services she can deliver in-between writing down her notes.

Now let’s look at DSP #2.  She started her day out in the field and has a tablet that securely and wirelessly transmits her notes and data to the main office for review and billing.  Instead of lugging around 3-ring binders with sensitive patient data, she has tablet that tucks quietly away in the leather portfolio she’s carrying when she’s not using it.  If her case notes are missing critical information, the software informs her of it and she can easily make corrections.

This in turn reduces the amount of errors and can prevent costly fines if the agency is ever audited.

The Way of the Future

Mobile computer can increase productivity, reduce the chance of costly errors occurring, and helps agencies become more resilient to audits. If your agency is still running on the old spreadsheet and 3-ring binder method, perhaps it’s time to look at all the benefits agency software and mobile computing have to offer.

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