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Benefits of ERP Agency Software

We’ve talked in the past about the benefits that you should look for in ERP agency software. Rehab agencies are a lot more complex than they were just 20 short years ago. Agencies are now having to direct more and more of their energy and efforts to time and record tracking, reconciliation, as well as ensuring that compliance is maintained for an increasing number of funding and regulatory programs.

Get More Control Over Revenue and Operations

Trying to manage staff utilization can often feel like a see-saw. Periods of idle work (no billable services taking place) are often juxtaposed with periods of more work than they can possibly handle.

Over-delivery wastes resources and time. Under-delivery leads to dissatisfaction amongst DSP’s, less help being given to clients, and you trying to figure out how to cover costs at the end of the month.

3 Inefficiencies that Cause Frustration

There are multiple inefficiencies that exist that afflict some agencies. These inefficiencies can cause frustration and double work. This ultimately leads to less services delivered and less hours billed for services authorized. We’re going to look at 3 common inefficiencies that plague agencies and how they can be averted – which will in turn allow them to bill for more authorized services and provide a higher quality of care for their clients.

What Makes for a Great Client Payroll Management Software?

Is your agency or organization using a hodge-podge of software to manage your client payroll?

Or are you using any software at all?

No matter your answer, client payroll management software should ultimately increase productivity, eliminate data entry errors by allowing staff to use iPad/laptop/PC/telephone or time clock to collect time, piece counts and attendance.

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