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Focus on People – Not Paperwork

At the heart of any good agency software is the ability to efficiently and effectively manage cases. Without it, case management becomes an exercise in loose papers, post-it notes and countless hours unnecessarily consumed by data entry.

What benefits should case management software provide?

-          It should empower all users to collaboratively work more efficiently.

-          Improves communication across all levels of an organization.

-          Ensures that service plans are met and billed.

Implementation of Software for Your Agency – Easy as 1, 2, 3


Back in the 1990’s new software implementation was at best an exercise in futility. New (and expensive) servers and equipment had to be purchased and installed. One or two full time tech employees had to be hired (to manage bugs and user issues). It was a long, involved and expensive proposition. To make matters worse, the administrative office, DSP’s and even CEO’s had to change the way they work in order to accommodate the software.

Efficiency in Utilization Rates and Service Billings

Have you ever given any thought on how to increase the utilization rate at your agency?

-          What if you could give DSPs a daily accounting of all services delivered vs. budgeted?

-          What if your DSPs knew daily which service to provide to maximize services delivered for each client?

-          What if you were able to reduce admin time to process by at least 25%?

Getting a Better Grip on Revenue and Operations



Managing staff utilization can be like a child's teeter-totter gone mad. Wild swings can leave staff with massive idle periods (participants not getting services, no billable services happening), or the opposite: staff feeling like they're drinking through a firehose.

The fallout is obvious: over-delivering wastes time and precious staff resources. Underdelivering defeats vocational goals of participants and can leave you scraping to cover costs at the end of the month.

IT Security – Is Your Data Really Secure As You Think It Is?

2017 is already half over and there have been at least 25 instances of hackers breaking into computers of agencies with electronic medical records and stealing their data or locking it down until a financial ransom is paid. Security experts claim that this number is actually much higher, as some agencies are completely unaware that their patient’s medical data have been stolen or compromised.

Payroll Software & Client Time Sheet Buying Guide

If your agency relies on paper time sheets, outdated custom software or many spreadsheets to capture time and/or piece counts for individuals in your vocational programs, you could be losing money along with valuable staff time.

These antiquated processes often lead to missing hours or inaccurate piece counts that prevent your clients from being paid correctly.

These problems could be eliminated quickly by implementing a new breed of software that was specifically designed for organizations that serve people with disabilities.


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