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Getting More Control Over Operations and Revenue

Managing staff utilization oftentimes feels like a juggling act gone awry.  Trying to balance services delivered vs. authorized without any insight can turn into a guessing game. 

The fallout is clear: Under delivering prevents clients from getting the services they’ve been authorized to get (and have the agency scrambling to cover end-of-month costs) and over delivering is a waste of staff and time resources.

Case Management Software: Focus on Clients, Not Paperwork.

For many rehabilitation agencies, case management has become an exercise in loose post-it notes, reams of paperwork, and repetitive data entry. When DSP’s are having to spend unreasonable amounts of time on case notes and paperwork, it takes away precious time they could be spending with clients.

How can DSP’s be able to better serve clients as well as deliver more authorized services?

The Story of David PT 4 (Aftermath of a Medicaid Audit)

Note: The 3-part series about David, the CEO of a rehab agency received such a popular response, we've decided to continue to tell his story. When we left David last, his agency had been fined well over $160,000 due to a failed Medicaid audit.

5pm Friday had finally arrived. The bookkeeper turned off her computer, grabbed her purse and called out, “Have a good weekend!

Implementation of Software for your Agency: It’s Easier Than You Think!

There once was a time when implementing new software for rehab agencies was considered to be a monumental task. New servers and expensive equipment had to be procured and maintained. In-house IT teams had to be vetted and hired. Office staff were required to learn an entire encyclopedia of unfamiliar computer commands.

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