Agency Software Implementation – Easier Than You Think!

Agency software – and the computers it runs on - have come a long way from what they were just 20 short years ago. Back in the 1990’s, expensive computers and servers were required to be installed somewhere in your office if you wanted to run specialized software. The servers often had to be in a climate-controlled room, and one or two full time IT professionals were needed to keep the entire contraption running.

DSP’s, CEO’s, and office staff were given a 500-page operating manual and expected to learn as they went.  While there’s no doubt that computers and specialized software helped agencies become more efficient – the entire system had enough drawbacks to where only large agencies could really afford them.

A lot has changed since those days.

•    The expensive and bulky servers came down and were replaced by cloud computing.

•    The tech guys were sent out to pasture – no servers means no need to hire IT staff.

•    The software went from extremely complex to extremely intuitive.

•    As costs came down, the value that agency software added to agencies went up.

Nowadays the implementation of software for rehabilitation agencies is much simpler. No need for expensive servers, additional IT staff, and your entire office having to work in a certain way because the software isn’t flexible.

Intuition by Vertex is a suite of software services that includes case management, ERP, Client Payroll Manager, and much more.  Taking advantage of the secure environment that cloud computing provides, Intuition eliminates the need for expensive servers and computer equipment.  It’s designed to work around the way your agency works – not the other way around.

Our software implementation services cover program and project management while our all-star tech team will create a detailed implementation plan and manage the entire process – from integration testing to product support.  We’ll also provide training, ticket support, and product optimization. With Vertex, you’ll never feel that you’re alone. Have a tech support question? Open a ticket or give us a call, we’re here to help.

If you’re considering software for your rehabilitation agency, give me a call at (614) 318-7100 to learn more about how Vertex will help you manage and run the critical functions of your agency so that you can focus on helping people.

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