Vertex ERP - Starter Pack

Our powerful Vertex Integrated ERP software, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, has been adapted to meet the unique needs of agencies that serve those with disabilities.  Because this system utilizes Microsoft technology, it looks like software you’re already using  such as Excel, Outlook, and Word.  The result of this is reduced training times, smoother implementations, and the comfort of knowing that you have a proven and scalable solution that will grow with your organization.

Designed for small to medium sized agencies

Vertex Integrated ERP Starter Pack includes everything you need to run your small to medium sized agency.  This package includes:

  • Basic Financial Management (General Ledger and Fixed Assets)

  • Basic Supply Chain Management (Sales, Invoicing, A/R, Purchasing, and A/P)

  • Basic Human Resource Management (HR and Payroll)

  • Basic Inventory Management (Item Maintenance)

For small to medium sized organizations, the Vertex Integrated ERP Starter Pack will complement the Vertex Rehab Management and Intution products for that complete total solution.  You will be able to operate your agency, provide the services you offer, and have complete financial accountability for your entire operation. Vertex Integrated ERP is an agency management financial system that enables small to mid-sized organizations to streamline operations, increase productivity, improve visibility, and reduce costs.

Available on-premise or hosted

The Vertex Integrated ERP Starter Pack is available in an on-premise or hosted solution.  In an on-premise solution, you purchase the hardware, systems software, and application software and you support and maintain the infrastructure and technology stack.  In a hosted solution, we provide the hardware, systems software, and applications software, plus we support and maintain the infrastructure and technology stack at a Tier IV data center (HIPAA Compliant).

Simple.  Smart.  Innovative.

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