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Nonprofit Leadership Lessons from Mother Teresa

Most of us probably don't remember Mother Teresa as an executive director of a nonprofit organization...

How Sticky Notes Could Ruin Your Human Services Organization!

State of the art technology and robust firewalls are powerless against hand-written notes. While it doesn't seem possible that something so small could do so much damage, there is certainly reason to be wary of these little guys.

Why Stay Nonprofit? 4 Reasons Why Nonprofits Still Have an Edge

With so much competition in the market you may start to wonder if bearing the label of "non-profit" is really worth the effort. After all, those organization in human services are targeting same people and offering many fo the same services. It might be easy to lose vision (or passion) due to the stress of maintaining your 501c3. 

Below I have outlined 4 reasons why staying non-profit may still be worth it.

How Can I Get More Donations? 5 Ways to Get More Cash Flow for Your Non-Profit!

With so much of your focus on documentation, service billing, payroll management for your rehabilitation organization it may seem like you don't even have time to breathe- let alone think about gaining more support for your mission.

3 Challenges Rehabilitation Service Providers Face Every Day

Rehabilitation service providers wear many different hats and sometimes it can get stressful!

We don't have time to explore all the challenges that you face in a day. Counting them would just add more stress! Here are 3 challenges and some resources that may help you as you face them.

#1 Hiring the Right Team

Buying Guide to Client Payroll Software – White Paper

A new white paper has been added to our content library on the Vertex Systems website. This white paper was created for social services agencies with vocational employment programs that need a quality commensurate wage payroll application.

Our Latest Case Study on Occupations, Inc. Released

Drop by our Case Studies page on our main website and see how Occupations, Inc. in Middletown, New York, utilized the Client Payroll Manager from Vertex to solve their participant payroll and reporting problems!