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Buying Guide to Client Payroll Software – White Paper

A new white paper has been added to our content library on the Vertex Systems website. This white paper was created for social services agencies with vocational employment programs that need a quality commensurate wage payroll application.

Our Latest Case Study on Occupations, Inc. Released

Drop by our Case Studies page on our main website and see how Occupations, Inc. in Middletown, New York, utilized the Client Payroll Manager from Vertex to solve their participant payroll and reporting problems!

Blackbaud to Acquire Nonprofit Software Maker Convio

Good news or bad news for non-profits?

The list of major nonprofit software vendors will grow smaller this year as the largest maker  of fundraising software to non-profit organizations has agreed to buy Convio.

Convio provides fundraising software and is considered one of the last major challengers to Blackbaud’s market dominance.

The concerns are reverberating through the nonprofit community because lack of competition can mean less innovation, higher prices, and higher support fees associated with the software that Blackbaud creates and manages.

Employment Incentives for Hiring Those with Disabilities (WRP)

Winter may be in full swing, but on college campuses across the country, thoughts are already turning to the warmer months ahead.  And for many ambitious students and soon-to-be graduates, it’s not vacation that’s on their minds — it’s vocation.  And for employers, that’s good news.

Surviving Your Resolutions

Did you promise yourself you would achieve a goal this year, either professionally or personally? It happens every year, at this time, and many people make one tiny mistake or stumble a bit and then they give up.

You might, for example, promise yourself you will be more productive and get more done in the new year. Now, it’s January, and you’re back at your desk, ready to lead your social services organization in the new year, and… you’re already overwhelmed.

Unemployment Rate for Persons with Disabilities in December 2011

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics has released disability employment statistics for December 2011 showing that the percentage of people with disabilities and the unemployment percentages:

December 2011
(Not seasonally adjusted)

Labor Force Participation

People with disabilities: 20.7%
People without disabilities: 69.3%

Join Vertex Systems at INARF!

We’re excited about the upcoming INARF annual conference in Indianapolis!

The conference date is March 14 and 15 and the theme is:  “Tomorrow’s Kitchen: Creating a New Recipe!”