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IT Security – Is Your Data Really Secure As You Think It Is?

2017 is already half over and there have been at least 25 instances of hackers breaking into computers of agencies with electronic medical records and stealing their data or locking it down until a financial ransom is paid. Security experts claim that this number is actually much higher, as some agencies are completely unaware that their patient’s medical data have been stolen or compromised.

Payroll Software & Client Time Sheet Buying Guide

If your agency relies on paper time sheets, outdated custom software or many spreadsheets to capture time and/or piece counts for individuals in your vocational programs, you could be losing money along with valuable staff time.

These antiquated processes often lead to missing hours or inaccurate piece counts that prevent your clients from being paid correctly.

These problems could be eliminated quickly by implementing a new breed of software that was specifically designed for organizations that serve people with disabilities.


Measuring service utilization: What good can come of it?

There’s an old saying: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”.  If you aren’t taking the time to measure your service utilization, then you’re not only hampering the quality of services that you provide to individuals, but you’re leaving money on the table as well. Here are three benefits that can arise out of measuring the utilization of your staff.

Provide actionable information to DSP’s

Pitfalls of Manual Time Entry & Staff Billing Accountability

If yours is like most agencies out there which has not yet automated many of your manual systems, you’re probably using pre-printed paper forms that must be manually filed and retrieved.  Your hourly staff members have to record direct service time for documentation and then record their work hours in some time & attendance forms so they can be paid.

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